Connect SGF: Improving transit service in Springfield, Missouri

In January 2024, we finalized a transit optimization study for City Utilities Transit in Springfield, Missouri. Branded as ConnectSGF, the project seeks to improve “The Bus” service operated by City Utilities in both the near-term and long-term. ConnectSGF evaluates existing transit services and recommends improvements to better connect the Springfield community.

Our work included the following:

An in-depth review of transportation needs and the existing transit system.

A public visioning process to define what the community wants the transit system to be.

Creation of guidelines and alternatives for improvements to explore multiple options for growth.

Development of Short, Medium, and Long-Term Plans to meet the needs and opportunities discovered during the planning process.

Documentation of how plan recommendations impact the Springfield economy and residents.

Each phase of the process included public engagement opportunities to support the development of the plan. Public input was used to determine project goals and objectives for Springfield’s transit system.

We created and analyzed a survey that received over 400 responses, conducted in-depth interviews with more than 20 stakeholders, and facilitated two all-day open house events.

We excel at creating a vision for improving transit service by bringing together large and diverse datasets and connecting these with public input. These efforts can help create a range of alternatives that are rigorously evaluated based on criteria established by project stakeholders, industry standards, and the community’s vision.

We know how to utilize each step to create implementable recommendations that transit agencies can pursue to better meet their community’s needs. The ConnectSGF plan and associated economic and human impact analyses were completed in January 2024.

Shawn Strate
Senior Planner
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