Real work. Real expectations. Real experience.

Our interns work directly with our professionals, many of whom started their careers as Olsson interns.

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It's a perfect work environment to learn and to establish yourself as an engineer.

- Angelica Solomon, Associate Engineer

What we provide:

Competitive pay and benefits

We compete for the best new talent in the industry.  

Real-world experience

We give our interns real-life, hands-on experience to build upon what you have learned in the classroom.

Welcoming environment

We value everyone for who they are and what they bring to Olsson.

Flexible work schedule

We don't work in a 9-to-5 world any longer. We work with our interns to determine the best time to get the job done.

What we expect:

A collaborative mindset

We value people who believe that teamwork makes the dream work.

A hunger for knowledge

Learning doesn’t end when you’re not in the classroom. We value people who embrace this philosophy.

An innovative spirit

We encourage people to embrace new ideas, look for ways to enhance our projects, and add value to what we deliver to our clients.