Developing an active transportation master plan

Safe, efficient multimodal transportation networks bring tremendous economic development opportunities and improved quality of life. But many communities in the United States lack this type of connection.

One of the nation's largest industrial parks - MidAmerica Industrial Park (MAIP) in Mayes County, Oklahoma - covers more than 9,000 acres, hosting 85 industries and more than 4,500 employees.

With its sights set on being the country's premiere industrial park, MAIP’s visionary leadership sought to provide more services for employees and county residents by including mixed-use retail, commercial, and residential developments and active transportation facilities.

To achieve this goal, Olsson helped MAIP leadership develop the Active Transportation Connectivity Master Plan.

The plan recommends miles of multi-use trails that connect all MAIP’s various land uses, as well as connecting to Mayes County’s planned trails network.  In addition, more than 25 miles of mountain bike trails are being implemented adjacent to area's Ridgeview Subdivision.

In the spring of 2024, MAIP - in collaboration with Mayes County - submitted a RAISE Grant Application to the USDOT requesting funding to implement half of the proposed trails throughout the park.

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