Demolition to Destination: Metro North Crossing

Many of the country’s malls sit vacant, driven out by competition or e-commerce. In the Northland of Kansas City, Missouri, passionate community members and leaders are transforming a demolished mall into a vibrant destination.

The revitalized 106-acre development, Metro North Crossing, aims to be “at the heart of it all.” It offers entertainment, luxury apartments, gathering space, and dining – with more to come. Developer IAS Partners recruited Olsson to provide civil engineering, master planning, and surveying in 2018.

“It’s a project that means a lot to many people from the Kansas City Northland because of the attachment and the memories people have to the old mall,” said Olsson’s John Erpelding, who has served as the client manager. “When it’s all done, it should have a positive impact on the Northland community and provide a vibrant place for people to live, work, eat, shop, and play.”

How it All Began 

Olsson senior engineer Nick Heiser used his expertise to keep the existing Macy’s store operational during construction. Through an efficient and flexible approach, he successfully prepared the area for growth with updated development and demolition plans and new infrastructure designs.

One of Metro North Crossing’s first tenants opened in 2020: T-Shotz, which was the first golf entertainment facility in the Northland region. The 52,000-square-foot, locally owned facility has 66 climate-controlled hitting bays along with a restaurant and bar.

Soon after, Woodstone at Metro North Crossing opened. The complex features 249 units with first-floor retail space. Residents can enjoy pickleball, sand volleyball, a pool, a rooftop, and more. Woodstone plans to add more apartments in 2024. Olsson provided civil engineering services for both the apartments and T-Shotz. 

Pedestrian Connectivity 

Construction is underway to create a bustling “Main Street” that will be the heart of the development and includes retail and residential space. An adjacent public green will also be developed to host community gatherings and events. The Olsson-designed strip will emphasize walkability and connection throughout the development. 

Olsson updated nearby streets and added pedestrian-friendly bike lanes. The team also designed a trail segment that will connect to a planned city-wide trail system.

Creating a Destination 

Olsson landscape architect Chris Holmquist has enjoyed seeing Metro North Crossing develop over time. 

“When completed, it will be a local and regional destination that supports a thriving community and stimulates economic growth,” Chris said. “It’s rewarding to see a space sitting mostly vacant transform into something that will really add to the area and bring people together.” 

Next up in the area will be an Olsson-designed retail building site and pickleball courts near T-Shotz. There are also plans to add additional retail and residential space, and more restaurants in the future. 

Rendering of Metro North Crossing when completed provided by Slaggie Architects.

John Erpelding
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