Carroll-Boone Water District

Olsson has served as consultant for the Carroll-Boone Water District (CBWD) since the mid-1970s and helped design the district’s original regional water system. The CBWD serves a population of approximately 45,000, including rural areas and multiple Arkansas cities: Eureka Springs, Green Forest, Berryville, and Harrison.

Our work includes designing capacity expansions to the district’s Freeman-Raney water treatment plant, which can support an ultimate capacity of 24-million gallons of water per day (MGD). This plant was the first in Arkansas to use ammonia as a chloramine disinfection to maintain a residual and reduce trihalomethane formation in the 55-mile transmission pipeline. We were responsible for the original plant design, all subsequent expansions, and other system improvements.

Beaver Lake in Rogers, Arkansas, serves as the raw water source for both facilities. We designed the original raw water intake and all transmission and storage facilities for the district. Recently, we helped with tank repainting and prepared a preliminary engineering report to evaluate necessary improvements for CBWD. We also provided a detailed design of new facilities and supplied construction services that are currently underway.

Large plants and industrial facilities require reliable sources of backup power when they are disengaged from the main power grid. We are currently assisting the CBWD by bringing state-of-the-art efficiency and power to the water plants by installing generator upgrades. We provided engineering design and bidding services and supported construction plans and specifications for the generator improvements. 

We are providing full construction observation and administration services during the construction phase. The most recent improvements are scheduled for completion in May 2022.

Chris Hall
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