Keeping bridges safe with the Arizona DOT

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) awarded Olsson four consecutive on-call bridge inspection contracts to complete safety, in-depth, and fracture-critical inspections of approximately 3,300 bridges during the length of the contract.

The bridges are located in the metropolitan Phoenix area and throughout the state. These bridges were inspected in accordance with ADOT and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirements.

Fracture-critical and in-depth inspections are hands-on inspections of bridge elements, including visual inspections of fatigue-prone details, and visual and nondestructive test (NDT) inspections of pin and hanger assemblies.

Our inspection team verified inventory items and determined National Bridge Inspection (NBI) and element-level condition ratings and appraisal ratings. Important observations were photographed for documentation. Under-bridge inspections were conducted by climbing ropes or by using snooper trucks or bucket trucks. Olsson’s responsibilities also included coordination with ADOT’s maintenance district, railroad, the Department of Public Safety, and traffic control personnel.

Colin Moran
Senior Team Leader
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