Theater aviation sustainment maintenance group readiness center

As an on-call partner for the Missouri Army National Guard (MOANG), our design teams are always in a state of alert. So, when the MOANG needed us to design a new state-of-the-art Theater Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Group (TASMG) readiness center in Springfield, Missouri, we were more than ready for the job.

The primary role of the TASMG is to provide aviation logistics and maintenance support for the units it serves. Because aviation assets are critical to military operations, the TASMG aims to improve and sustain the readiness of the Army National Guard and Army Aviation units and aircraft for a variety of missions.

The readiness center in Springfield is just one of four TASMG installations in the United States. The new, 44,900-square-foot, two-story readiness center will support training, administrative, logistics, storage, and arms vaults that are required to achieve proficient training for members of the 1107th TASMG, a multistate regional support unit.

This project comes on the heels of a $35 million expansion to the third phase of the maintenance hangar. We designed the new readiness center using methods that accommodated installation adjacent to the expanded hangar with multiple egress points in and out of each building.

We designed the readiness center site to have adequate parking, access drives and runway aprons, a stormwater control system, new utilities and connections, landscaped walkways, and antiterrorism force protection measures. In fact, the site was designed to meet the latest edition of the Unified Facilities Code antiterrorism/Force Protection standards.

Our facility engineers designed heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and electrical elements for the readiness center. We also designed fire detection and suppression security systems that met the most stringent safety requirements. We incorporated design engineering materials and principles that will last at least 50 years and that meet LEED Silver standards.

Using our agency relationships, we provided seamless coordination to conform with requirements for the Federal Aviation Administration and the Springfield-Branson Airport, which is adjacent to the facility.

Our design also makes it easier to build the next phase roadway and parking lot expansion, which adds 200 more parking stalls and additional parking stalls in the future.

Our work will have a positive impact on MOANG’s missions, training, and operational maintenance, allowing soldiers to be better prepared and equipped for critical missions.

We completed the design work in August 2019.

Todd Henry
Senior Project Manager
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