Denver Housing Authority Vida at Sloan's Lake

Enlivening a Denver neighborhood

In 2016, the Denver Housing Authority (DHA) retained Olsson to provide geotechnical, materials testing, and construction inspection on an as-needed basis for a series of housing projects in targeted areas around the city.

Vida at Sloan’s Lake, a dynamic, mixed-use building in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood of Denver, was one of the projects assigned to our team. But this was no ordinary project.

The nine-story, 175-unit structure on West Colfax Avenue was designed to provide a better life for its residents. Vida at Sloan’s Lake features a sixth-floor outdoor patio and roof garden, naturally lit hallways, basement-level parking, and a stylish façade brimming with personality. This showcase project by DHA also provides ground-floor space for a neighborhood medical clinic, dialysis center, and adult wellness center – bringing essential services to an underserved community and allowing older residents to age in place.

The primary elements of the structure include the drilled-pier foundation system, shotcrete walls, below-grade structural concrete parking garage, two levels of structural concrete with post-tensioned floor slabs, and six floors of structural and cold-formed steel framing.

DHA relied on us to ensure all construction materials and installations met plans, specifications, and building code requirements. We also provided special inspections, materials testing, and some geotechnical design for crane pads; and flood testing and inspections of drilled piers, shotcrete, structural concrete, waterproofing membranes, post-tensioned concrete, masonry, steel, fireproofing, and exterior sheathing.

When the Vida project ran into unforeseen challenges, we worked closely with Pinkard Construction to find workarounds and stay on schedule. That required clear communication, robust teamwork, and creative thinking – all hallmarks of Olsson.

The unique qualities of Vida at Sloan’s Lake also helped earn the project an Eagle Award, a prestigious honor given annually by Housing Colorado to a select number of outstanding residential projects.

Braden Hirsch
Senior Team Leader
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