Wysong Elementary School

Lincoln, Nebraska

The City of Lincoln, Nebraska, is growing, and student enrollment for Lincoln Public Schools continues to rise. This is especially true in southeast Lincoln, where development there outpaces development in other parts of the city.

To meet the demands of the area, Lincoln Public Schools selected Olsson and Davis Design to design a new 80,000-square-foot, four-unit elementary school that included planning and infrastructure that would allow the school to expand to six units, if needed.

The school was built on a parcel of land that was once a tree nursery and presented unique challenges because of its topography and elongated shape. Despite these challenges, the team was able to fulfill all functional requirements of the design.

Olsson provided civil engineering work that included utility design; storm drainage design; grading layout for the building, parking lots, ball fields; and a future park. Work also included designing a large drop-off lane to accommodate full build-out of the school.

Olsson designed a closed-loop, ground-source heat pump system for the building. Dedicated outside air units using exhaust air energy recovery further enhanced the sustainable design of the school. The building is served with two electrical services, a 600-amp, 277/480-volt, three phase service for the HVAC equipment, and a 1,000-amp, 120/208-volt, three phase service for the rest of the loads. The life safety loads are supported by an 85 KW natural-gas-fired emergency generator.

Lighting throughout the building is LED, and lighting controls consist of vacancy sensors, timed controls, and dimming controls.

During the construction phase, Olsson also provided special inspections and materials testing services. Olsson performed soils testing and settlement monitoring during site grading; completed reinforcing inspections and concrete testing during foundation installation; and performed structural welding and bolting inspections during building assembly. 


Nate Buss

Lincoln, Nebraska


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