Ken Boone

Kansas City, Missouri


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Creating change for a community takes ingenuity, inspiration, and a special ability to move dreams into reality. We are Olsson Studio, a group of community planners and landscape architects who combine practicality with creativity and solve challenges with innovation and forethought.


In short, we are makers of better things.


Rooted in a 100-year legacy, our history inspires the work we do today. From the Country Club Plaza and the World War I Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri, to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens in Texas and other great spaces across the United States, our firm was founded on creating timeless places.


Our partnership with Olsson brings expanded resources, expertise, and stability to every project. And it’s our people who chart the course to deliver the best possible outcome – for your project, your community, and the people who will use the great spaces we make.


We’re here to help you reimagine your community.