Where Work Feels Like ‘Not a Job’

Joe Duggan, Communications

September 27, 2021

We learned in 2020 that videoconferencing can be an effective work tool. But it didn’t take long for us to miss what was missing.

A door held open. Impromptu conversations in the breakroom. On-the-job troubleshooting from seasoned pros. Meeting with clients, walking through job sites, and building relationships.

These are the intangibles that help define an internship at Olsson.

Though many internships remained virtual across the country in 2021, we used a hybrid approach and invited our interns into our offices. And as some companies cut back on their offerings, we hired more than 100 interns over the summer – a new benchmark for OIsson!

We work hard to fulfill the most fundamental purpose of an internship: providing real-world experience and hands-on learning. But the intangibles that add so much to the overall experience take no work at all – they’re part of the Olsson culture.

To see what we mean, check out what what several of our current interns had to say:



Faylyn Bruecken

Hometown: Monument, Colorado

College: Colorado School of Mines

Year in school: senior

Major: environmental engineering

Team: Denver Water/Wastewater

Top project at Olsson: I feel fortunate to have worked on several projects over the summer and school year, but I believe I learned the most from editing plans for implementing a new pressure reducing valve station in Thornton, Colorado.

Most valuable aspect of interning at Olsson: The best aspect of my interning experience has been getting to work with my team. They make such a great environment that allows me to learn and work. Really, they make it feel like it’s not a job!



Brock Stringer

Hometown: Ozark, Missouri

University: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Year in school: senior

Major: civil engineering

Team: Springfield General Civil

Top project at Olsson: I worked on parking and drive lane designs and helped put together plan sheets for a global nonprofit’s new distribution center in Republic, Missouri.

The most valuable aspect of interning at Olsson: Getting to see how the concepts I’ve learned in school are applied in a real business setting. It has been extremely beneficial for me to interact with an awesome team and receive constant feedback from professionals.



Nate Neil

Hometown: Cozad, Nebraska

University: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Year in school: junior

Major: civil engineering

Team: Lincoln Roads/Bridges

Top project at Olsson: I worked closely with engineers and technicians on a highway project in northeastern Nebraska during the plan-in-hands phase to organize the submitted plan set. I also performed work related to erosion control, phasing plans, and general tasks. 

Most valuable aspect of interning at Olsson: Because I spent so much time working on the highway project, being able to visit the site and see the culverts and roadway was extremely valuable to me.



Claire Burch

Hometown: O’Fallon, Illinois

University: University of Oklahoma

Year in school: second year Ph.D.

Major: geography and environmental sustainability

What team do you work on: Oklahoma City Environmental

Top project at Olsson: I worked with project management on environmental permitting and monitoring for a wind project in Oklahoma. I assisted with day-to-day organization and communication with our field staff, reporting field results to our client, and helping to compile reports. It was a fantastic introduction to the logistics behind the environmental services that are critical for renewable energy development. The experience fit perfectly with the focus of my graduate studies.

Most valuable aspect of interning at Olsson: As a doctoral student with an interest in industry, I’ve learned so much about the skills I will need to be a strong job candidate. I’ve also learned a lot about the renewable energy industry and gained new perspectives that have helped me think critically about my research direction. Interning at Olsson gave me an appreciation of consulting, which wasn’t a career direction I had considered in depth previously but have come to really enjoy. The working environment at Olsson is just incredible! I am excited to continue working at the firm after transitioning to a part-time position with the Power Delivery team.