Olsson’s Mike Piernicky Leads ACEC Nebraska

Alicia Krieger

October 03, 2019

Mike Piernicky of Olsson’s corporate transportation practice recently picked up the gavel to serve as ACEC Nebraska’s president. Not only does this continue Mike’s 15-year involvement with ACEC, but it extends Olsson’s commitment to the organization.

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) represents thousands of companies and serves as the voice of the industry. It aims to strengthen the industry through government advocacy, political action, and business education.

Olsson has a large presence in the ACEC organization. Our membership goes back to our founder, John E. Olsson.

“ACEC Nebraska has always been an organization where Olsson wanted to have a strong presence,” said John S. Olsson, executive vice president of consulting services.

According to John, ACEC's advocating for the business interests of engineering design firms is paramount to Olsson’s success, and our involvement in the leadership of this organization provides us great exposure.

Mike initially joined ACEC to get involved with others in the engineering community outside of work. After a few years of attending events and meetings, he got “roped in” to join the board, taking on more of a leadership role.

“Being involved in ACEC is unique to me, in that the firms or people we are competitive with on a daily basis, we work together with in ACEC,” he said. “There’s a common interest that brings us together, and often times we realize where we can help and support each other."

As the president, Mike has a major goal in mind: get a strategic plan in place.

The words “strategic plan” can be intimidating, but Mike is ready to take it on. The organization last completed strategic planning 10 years ago.

“A lot has changed with the organization, the industry, and the world in the past 10 years,” Mike said. “We need to ask ourselves questions, such as ‘What value do we provide to our members?’, ‘How can we provide better value?’, and ‘How do we communicate?’.”

Mike points out that social media a decade ago really didn’t have as huge of an impact as it does today. He wants to take advantage of that.

“We can use it (social media) to our advantage and really use it as another communication channel with our members and prospective members,” he said. “It can also be another way to provide value to our members by sharing useful information on those platforms.”

Ultimately, Mike hopes to be a caretaker of ACEC Nebraska, making sure it stays organized and moves in a positive direction. 

“So far it’s been great to be involved with so many people in trying to accomplish this; it’s truly a great organization with great people,” he said.

As a former president and member of ACEC Nebraska, John S. Olsson knows Mike will steer the ship in the best direction.

“Mike will surely advance ACEC Nebraska forward to the benefit of the entire engineering community,” John said.

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