Olsson Debuts New Office Building in Joplin, Missouri

Celena Shepherd, Communications

March 16, 2023

Olsson’s team in Joplin, Missouri, recently moved into a new office building boasting a rich 108-year history. The five-story facility at 1027 S. Main Street in downtown Joplin was built in 1915 and is a community staple; it is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 


Olsson’s Jack Schaller helped trail blaze the office expansion. Jack works as a client relationship manager and was the first member of our Joplin office more than a decade ago. The new building has twice as much office space, more parking, and amenities to accommodate our 65 employees and future growth.

“It’s like a mini-city all in one building, which is very unique, and our employees love it,” Jack said. “The new office is a big benefit to our teams and can help attract top talent in the area.” 

The updated Joplin office features historic red brick, “Zoom rooms,” and even includes a downstairs restaurant, ice cream parlor, and barbershop.  

Olsson assistant engineer Lauren Webber was impressed and excited when she saw the new office for the first time.

“It’s so nice having extra space to collaborate and host office events, like our recent chili cookoff,” Lauren said. “I also like the ability to order lunch downstairs from what we jokingly call the Olsson Cafeteria. It’s so convenient and nice to relax and chat with colleagues without having to go far.”

The building, which used to house Inter-State Grocer Co. and Bagcraft Packaging, was revitalized into a bustling, new, mixed-use environment. Olsson staff helped design our new space on the fifth floor. 

“With the steady growth Olsson is seeing in the region, the new Joplin office opened at a great time,” said Joplin office leader Jared Rasmussen. “The office offers exciting possibilities to not only expand Olsson’s presence and capacity, but also our work to improve the Joplin community.”