Celebrating Graduated Interns and Welcoming Full-timers

Celena Shepherd, Communications

May 18, 2022

Nearly 30 Olsson interns graduate this month and are ready to use the skills they learned in and out of the classroom to improve their corner of the world. Congratulations on all you accomplished!

Many interns opted to pursue their dreams full-time at Olsson. We caught up with a few of them to talk about their experiences and new adventures waiting for them.


Hope Carlson

School: Colorado State University

Bachelor’s Degree: Environmental engineering

Team: Colorado General Civil

Favorite part of internship: My favorite part was gaining great experience that I applied directly to school. I felt more confident while completing my senior project because of everything I learned at Olsson.

Top project: My favorite Olsson project was working on the Aims Community College campus in Windsor, Colorado. I was able to work on the grading plan, and I learned a lot about grading in Civil 3D. It was intriguing to see it all come together.

Something surprising: I was surprised by the responsibility Olsson gave me as an intern. I learned a lot about Civil 3D and project management, which are skills that weren’t taught in the classroom. I felt like I was a step ahead of many of my classmates thanks to my internship.

Plans after graduation: After graduation, I’m planning to take a trip to Barcelona and Paris with my family. After that, I will be starting as an assistant engineer for Olsson’s General Civil team in Loveland, Colorado. I’m excited to see where my career with Olsson will take me!


Alec Eiseman

School: University of Nebraska-Omaha

Master’s degree: Architectural engineering

Team: Nebraska Mechanical/Electrical

Favorite part of internship: My favorite part of being an Olsson intern was working on a variety of different projects and getting to go on site visits.

Top project: During my internship, I enjoyed working on different projects both big and small. Last summer, I helped with the electrical design of an agricultural production facility. This was the first project I was able to help on from start to finish, and I learned a lot.

Something surprising: One of the biggest things that surprised me was the great team culture. I got to talk with my mentors and understand why things are designed a certain way, which has helped me understand design and codes more than I did from my schoolwork.

Plans after graduation: Olsson has been a great place to intern for the last few years, so it was an easy decision to stay here full time after graduation with the Mechanical/Electrical team in the Omaha office.


Jordan Coddington

School: Missouri State University

Bachelor’s degree: Civil engineering

Team: Missouri Roadway

Favorite part of internship: My favorite part of being an Olsson intern is the work environment. I love learning from great professionals while having fun every day.

Top project: My top project at Olsson was a local project in Lebanon, Missouri, where I got to do most of the design and modeling. I got to see the process of a project from the beginning, which was an invaluable experience and helped me learn a lot.

Something surprising: Something that surprised me at Olsson was the culture. The offices maintain a close family feeling while being a large and successful company.

Plans after graduation: I am excited to join Olsson’s Roadway team full-time after graduation.


Patrick Day

School: Illinois Institute of Technology

Bachelor’s degree: Civil engineering

Team: Rail Track

Favorite part of internship: My favorite part about interning at Olsson was meeting new people and learning new skills.

Top project: My top project was a series of projects in Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard working on drainage areas. I helped with the design of drainage systems, plan preparation, and participated in on-site meetings answering questions from Union Pacific and contractors.

Something surprising: One thing surprising I learned was how many people are involved in even the simplest of projects. There is so much to do on every project that it takes more people than one would originally think.

Plans after graduation: I am joining Olsson’s Rail Track team remotely full-time in June.