Systems Engineering

Connectivity between systems for better performance.


Greg Seib

Lincoln, Nebraska


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For automation- and transportation-based technology systems, it’s important the captured data reaches the user so it can be analyzed to help maintain efficiency and monitor performance.

At Olsson, our experts tie software and systems together seamlessly.

We start off by documenting every data entry point within a system and by understanding what our client needs for deliverables.

Then we create a client- and system-specific software package that contains backups and redundancies for high-priority processes. The software package is integrated into the system where it captures key performance indicator data—data that can optimize workflow, increase efficiency, and augment decision making—and brings the data directly to the user’s desktop. Information that can be used to optimize workflow, increase efficiency, and help you make informed decisions.

Process development and implementation

Requirements analysis, development, and management

System design and development

Modeling and simulation

Software engineering

Technical documentation