Special Inspections

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Olathe, Kansas


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Our experienced Special Inspections team performs a wide variety of specific code-mandated inspections of structural elements that take us from the field to the lab.

We conduct inspections in accordance with IBC Chapter 17 code requirements, including but not limited to soils, reinforced concrete, masonry, structural steel, spray-applied fireproofing, and wood framing. And our team of inspectors is experienced and certified in accordance with the International Code Council.


Nuclear Density Testing (Nuclear Safety Gauge Trained)

Soils Testing/Inspections (International Code Council Soils)


Concrete Testing Services

Fluid Concrete Testing (ACI Level I Field Tester Certification)

Concrete Strength Testing (ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician)

Reinforced Concrete (International Code Council)



Masonry Construction Inspection (International Code Council Masonry)


Structural Steel Field Testing

Structural Welding Inspection (International Code Council)

Structural Bolt Inspection (International Code Council)

Light Gauge Framing Inspections



American Concrete Institute (ACI)

  • ACI field concrete

American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)

  • Level III, Level II, and Level I staff

Portable Nuclear Density Gauges

National Institute of Certified Engineering Technologies (NICET)

International Code Council (ICC)

  • Soils, concrete, masonry, structural steel and welding, structural steel and bolting, and sprayed-applied fireproofing

Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)


Specialty Services

Fireproofing – Cementitious and Intumescent

  • Density and bond strength
  • Dry film thickness testing

Fire Penetrations and Firestops

Wood Framing Inspections

EIFS Inspections

Fiber Reinforce Polymer (FRP)

Fenestration Testing

SWPPP Inspections

Foundation Integrity Testing


Curtain Wall System Testing