Geographic Information Systems

Science-rooted systems that offer practical solutions.


Jason Witzke

Kansas City, Missouri


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At Olsson, we see Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a collaborative effort. Together, with our clients, we develop systems that use spatial data to create useful information that helps our clients make better informed and effective decisions.

Our systems are an environment for creating, organizing, querying, and processing different layers of data to detect and analyze spatial patterns and relationships. And then we put that information to work.

Say goodbye to cumbersome electronic tables, paper records, and maps. GIS converts those into single, digital, spatial information systems that are comprehensive, user-friendly, and a benefit to business.

GIS helps reduce costs, too, because it efficiently manages a diverse range of projects including mapping and surveying, land-use planning, engineering, transportation, infrastructure, water and wastewater, and environmental remediation and compliance.