Sterling Ridge

Omaha, Nebraska

Sterling Ridge is a 150-acre, mixed-use development in central Omaha. Located on the southeast corner of 132nd and Pacific Streets at the former Ironwood Golf Course, Sterling Ridge will provide housing, services, and places of worship for the three faiths associated with the Tri-Faith Initiative. 

The Tri-Faith Initiative had searched for several years for a site in Omaha that would be suitable for this unique signature project. The location of the development was essential to accomplishing the goals of the Tri-Faith Initiative. Their requirements for the location of the campus included the following: 

  • Within an established residential neighborhood to allow congregation members convenient access to services and events
  • On major arterial streets for visibility of the complex
  • Accessibility to major roadways
  • Adequate acreage (minimum of 40 acres for the religious complex itself and up to 160 acres for the other elements of the development)
  • In an area supported by existing urban services and infrastructure
  • Be compatible with existing or planned residential areas
  • In an open natural setting with water features, wetlands and/or streams, and ample green space

In addition to a mosque, a temple, a church, and a shared facility for religious study, the development will provide residential, senior housing, and office/commercial uses to accommodate the Tri-Faith component of the development, its respective congregations, and world-wide visitors.

The natural setting portion of the development’s requirements will be met by restoring Hell Creek, which flows to the southeast through the southwest portion of the project area. In the 1960s, the northwestern portion of Hell Creek on the site was partially channelized, and the remaining creek was impounded to form three ponds.

The project will restore the upstream portion of Hell Creek to an open channel stream with stable bank grading and associated wetlands and re-grade the downstream portion of Hell Creek to eliminate the incised channel and restore and stabilize the banks. The stream restoration will also assist the City of Omaha in its efforts to control the offsite flow of Hell Creek south of the project area and enable the city to remove a concrete channel liner and replace it with a natural stream section. A half-acre residential pond will be restored and expanded as well.

Project Awards

  • 2013 Engineering Excellence Award from the Nebraska Society of Professional Engineer's Eastern Chapter

Katie Underwood

Omaha, Nebraska


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