Rio Blanco County Compressor Station

Rio Blanco County, Colorado

A client in Rio Blanco County, Colorado, had a need for a compressor station and contacted us to assist with the project. We partnered with a firm to provide design of the equipment associated with the compressor station. 

Challenges included taking the project through the county planning process, which included reviews by the building department. The project included a phased plan that started with two compressors and had the ability to expand to three. In order to obtain approval through the county, site development was required to review the stormwater management. In addition, the project required evaluating an adjacent floodplain that resulted in modifying the grading plan in order to mitigate the impacts.

Services we provided for the compressor station site included:

  • Coordinating permitting through Rio Blanco County, Bureau of Land Management, and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
  • Preparing a geotechnical investigation study
  • Preparing grading and drainage plans
  • Preparing a drainage study
  • Preparing structural building foundation plans
  • Preparing structural design for ancillary equipment
  • Coordinating site planning with the compressor design firm and the client
  • Providing access road design
  • Preparing an electrical area classification plan
  • Assisting the site electrician with plan development
  • Assisting the building contractor with plan development
  • Analyzing the floodplain
  • Coordinating testing during construction
  • Providing construction observation