Nebraska Department of Transportation On-Call ITS Services


As part of Nebraska Department of Transportation’s (NDOT) desire to transform its major roadways into information superhighways, it turned to Olsson’s team of engineers and designers.

We were selected by NDOT for a three-year Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) on-call contract. Based on the terms of the contract, we provided several planning, design, and integration services for NDOT across Nebraska. At the conclusion of the three-year term, we were selected again for an ITS on-call contract in the spring of 2016.

During this time, we provided NDOT with the following services:

Long-Haul Fiber Optic Design

We were contracted to design a fiber optic system along freeways and interstates in District 1 (Lincoln) and District 2 (Omaha).  This has included nearly 132 miles of fiber optic cable. We provided conceptual and detailed design for fiber in conduit, pull box, and vault locations, and cabinet/device entrances at cameras, Road Weather Information System (RWIS) sites, and overhead Dynamic Message Signs (DMS).

We also provided network design services and splice diagrams, planning for the existing network as well as future devices including automated I-80 access gates.

RWIS Pilot Testing

NDOT requested that Olsson design, deploy, and test an open-source RWIS for long-term use across the state. Our staff reviewed existing installations and developed a PLC-based system that interfaced with existing open-source sensors, while proprietary sensors were replaced with new open-source sensors to complete the installation.

Prior to deployment of a new cabinet at the Cortland, Nebraska RWIS site, multiple pavement and subsurface sensors were installed to allow side-by-side performance testing.

The final design of this pilot RWIS was deployed under separate contract on a statewide basis, with 62 RWIS sites being deployed. The system has been operational since the fall of 2012. We also developed the polling software at the central server and the NTCIP-based information feed to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Meridian, and the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS).

RWIS Maintenance

Our Lincoln traffic and technology team maintains 62 RWIS sites throughout Nebraska. Each site has the capability to record the following data: temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, pavement temperature, and sub-pavement temperature. Each site is also equipped with a precipitation sensor.

We visit each site once per year as part of the RWIS annual preventative maintenance check, making sure each sensor works properly and replacing ones that are malfunctioning. We also respond to on-call requests from NDOT to add sensors to specific sites or replace one that was destroyed during a storm.

RWIS data is available via the web at any time by NDOT personnel. In 2014, we developed an app that allows NDOT personnel to have immediate access to RWIS data on their smartphones.


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