Grand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Grand Island, Nebraska

Government leaders in the city of Grand Island, Nebraska, knew their aging wastewater treatment plant and 225 plus miles of sewer pipelines were in need of an extensive overhaul. We partnered with engineering firm Black & Veatch on every aspect of the renovation project, from the initial modeling and surveying stages through the installation of new sewer lines.

The first stage of the project involved collecting data. A lot of data. Our team of engineers studied the sewer systems, including the interceptor sewers, which receive wastewater from the main arteries and funnel them to the treatment plant. They evaluated flow, routes, and distribution, giving each sewer line a grade from A to F. Pipes that were given a D or an F grade were prioritized for rehabilitation.

But the pipes were just the beginning. We also mapped out plans to upgrade the headworks facilities at the existing wastewater treatment plant, including a pump station and screening building, a new grit removal facility, flow distribution structure, and on-site septage receiving facility.

We then turned its attention to the lift stations, removing and replacing lift station #7 and its pumps and piping. The lift station improvements included an exterior valve vault, the rehabilitation of the wet well, installation of a standby generator, site piping, and miscellaneous site improvements. 

From the first model to the final installation, we were there every step of the way to help Grand Island realize its wastewater goals. The plant can now efficiently process the 10 million gallons of sewage it treats every day while simultaneously decreasing their environmental impact. Call that a win-win.


Joe Baxter

Hastings, Nebraska


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