Evelyn Sharp Field General Aviation

Ord, Nebraska

Named for Nebraska’s most famous aviatrix, Evelyn Sharp (an accomplished pilot and early member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots), Evelyn Sharp Field in Ord, Nebraska, was in need of both a new general aviation terminal and a new T-hangar. The Valley County Airport Authority selected our firm in 2012 to design the necessary improvements and oversee construction. 

Olsson recommended constructing one building that combined both the terminal and the T-hangar. Such a design would reduce costs and require a smaller site. 

Built in 2014, the new, 6-place T-hangar has Higher Power Hydraulic Doors, which are specialized hangar doors that are self-supporting. Each door creates a 44.5-feet-by-14-feet clear opening to each hangar unit. The terminal is approximately 1,600 square feet and is located within the corner unit of the T-hangar. Also included in the building design was an additional 15-foot building extension. 

As part of our services, we updated the airport’s Airport Layout Plan and was instrumental in obtaining a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant and a Nebraska Department of Aeronautics (NDA) loan for the single building. 

Also included in the design were concrete taxilanes, hangar ramps, and a parking lot. Further, our site design improved drainage on the airport.


Curt Christianson

Lincoln, NE


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