Denver Housing Authority On-call Materials Testing and Geotechnical

Denver, Colorado

In 2016, the Denver Housing Authority (DHA) sought qualified engineering and design firms to provide geotechnical and materials testing services on an as-needed basis for planned residential and mixed-use construction.

Olsson was one of the firms selected, and soon we were providing assistance to ensure key construction projects were constructed safely and on a solid foundation. To date, our services have supported the development of the following projects:

  • DHA Headquarters. We provided inspections for post-installed anchors that were fitted into the existing concrete structures at the DHA’s headquarters on Grant Street prior to relocation to Osage Street.
  • Gateway (North, South, and Row Homes). This development will be two, six-story mixed-use buildings and one residential building, adding 200 apartments and 265,000 square feet of residential, commercial, and office space to the Sun Valley neighborhood near downtown Denver.
  • Residence at Boulevard 1 (formerly Lowry Apartments). The 87,000-square-foot project includes a ground floor community space, surface parking, and a solar array, and it will provide 72 units of permanent affordable housing for families earning approximately 50-60 percent of the Denver area median income and will include subsidies for transitional residents moving out of homelessness.
  • Grow Garden. Olsson provided subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering recommendations for potential locations for DHA’s future grow garden.
  • 32nd and Shoshone Development. Located in the Lower Highlands, a mixed-use urban district, this 53-unit residential building was a redevelopment of an aging urban public housing project. It includes a communal courtyard and modern design.
  • Sun Valley Choice Neighborhood Redevelopment. Just to the south of Mile High Stadium, Sun Valley is one of Denver’s lowest income neighborhoods, and was selected as an Eco District, a nonprofit organization partnering with DHA to redevelop DHA’s 333-unit aging public housing site.
  • Westridge Homes. This 12-acre site currently consists of 200 public housing units but, as part of the master planning for the redevelopment of Westridge Homes, could become up to 600 units of public, moderately affordable, and market-rate living spaces. Olsson provided preliminary services to give DHA an understanding of the subsurface conditions at the property.
  • 655 Broadway. Olsson completed geotechnical engineering services to provide design considerations for a new retaining wall on this site. This site is part of a partnership between DHA and Denver Health to provide a wonderful service to the community.

DHA has expressed appreciation not only for the breadth of services Olsson provides, but also for the contract requirements we adhere to, including partnerships with local minority- and women-owned businesses. Olsson has received positive feedback from the City and County of Denver for the high-quality, third-party inspections provided during the installation of public utilities that serve new, affordable housing developments.

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