City Center Stream Restoration

Lenexa, Kansas

The City Center Stream is part of the planned Golf Club of Kansas and associated residential development in western Lenexa. The City of Lenexa selected our firm to provide a geomorphic assessment and a stream restoration design to repair the damage done by more than 50 years of mining operations on the stream. 

The project's goal was to restore the stream to its natural condition, or as close as possible to what existed prior to man-made impacts. Our services improved stream stability and water quality, and provided environmental benefits locally and downstream to Mill Creek.

The following were key components of the design and planning process:

  • Geomorphic analysis of the entire stream system was conducted to determine the appropriate stream restoration geometry, profile, and bed materials           
  • Geotechnical borings and analysis to evaluate existing site soils and to select appropriate stabilization and construction methods           
  • Environmental and habitat analysis to select proper vegetation           
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic review to evaluate streamway base flow and flood flow conditions pre- and post-project    
  • Environmental permitting           
  • Construction observation

Construction began August 2009 and was complete in 2010. The project cost was $700,000. 

Project Awards

  • 2012 Kansas City Metro Chapter APWA Public Works Project of the Year Award (Environmental Projects less than $5 Million)

Tony Stanton

Overland Park, Kansas


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