Castle Rock East Plum Creek Project

Castle Rock, Colorado

East Plum Creek in Castle Rock, Colorado, is known for trails, wildlife, and beautiful environmental features. To maintain the pristine and community-friendly atmosphere, the town identified the need to stabilize the creek using advanced technology and engineering design.

That’s where we came in – with a practical and effective plan.

We were selected in 2018 and again in 2019 to complete multiple improvements for over a mile of the creek. We worked on three reaches that had varying conditions and unique objectives.

The first part of the project will focus on environmental improvements and reconnect the creek with its floodplain. The second part of the project protects bridges, waterlines, and other critical infrastructure. Together, these updates will preserve and enhance the vegetation, habitat, and overall amenities of East Plum Creek well into the future.

The creek’s channel improvements required our expertise in geomorphology, stream stabilization design, and floodplain analysis. We were responsible for surveying, geotechnical investigation, design, and construction document preparation.

The area is populated with the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse, an endangered species. The project team is working to acquire complex permits to ensure the species and its habitat are preserved. Construction is expected to be completed in 2022 and 2023 for different areas of the creek. We will also assist the town with construction observation.

Once the project is finished, East Plum Creek will have increased ecological value and vibrant environmental features, including trails, an aesthetic landscape, and vegetation. We are pleased to help Castle Rock build a beautiful spot for pedestrians and wildlife while protecting its existing structures and amenities.


Deb Ohlinger

Denver, Colorado


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