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Tony Stanton

Overland Park, Kansas


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From transportation to facilities to water resources projects, we provide state entities with the expertise to get projects done on time and on budget. We are serious about providing innovative solutions while stewarding the tax payers’ dollars.

At Olsson, our expertise lies in civil infrastructure, building services, field services, water resources engineering, and environmental planning, permitting, and restoration. But we don’t work alone – we believe collaboration with our clients is the key to working efficiently.

We know how to cut through the red tape of working with multiple governmental agencies and how to keep projects on track. When a project involves funding and oversight from different levels of government, we know how to steer it through the permitting and review processes and still meet your deadlines.

These types of projects are complex and require patience to complete. We do everything we can to ensure that vital services to the community continue with minimal disruption during the construction of government projects.