Mass Transit

The art of moving people.


Chris Rolling

Omaha, NE


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Not only are people in constant motion, but cities are also changing, and populations are growing. All of these drive the demand for innovative public transportation systems. 

Whether a community is interested in starting, enhancing, or expanding its transit service, we at Olsson provide a full range of planning, operations, and design services for all public transportation projects.

Experience. That’s what we bring to transit route planning, ridership forecasting, transit operations, special service transportation coordination, Intelligent Transportation Systems, bus rapid transit implementation, and corridor planning. 

We’ve designed transit lanes, bus stops, and signal priority systems, implemented bus rapid routes, and completed operations analyses that improve service. We help keep people moving effectively and efficiently.

Active Transportation

  • Bicycle and pedestrian studies
  • Safe routes to school


Transportation Planning         

  • Complete streets
  • Corridor and NEPA studies
  • Freight planning
  • Long-range planning
  • Multimodal plans
  • Parking plans
  • Travel demand management
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Travel simulation


Transit Plans

  • Bus rapid transit
  • Bus signal prioritization
  • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
  • Ridership forecasting
  • Route studies and planning
  • Rural transit/paratransit planning
  • Station planning
  • Transit develpment plans
  • Transit operations