Solid infrastructure is the foundation of healthy cities and towns.


Cory Clark

Kansas City, Missouri


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At Olsson, we believe a community’s foundation is strengthened through partnership and collaboration between the communities and the people who live there. This has been a core value of ours since day one.

And it’s why we’ve worked closely with some communities for more than 50 years.

The work we do in both large and small communities has improved the residents’ lives in many ways through services such as infrastructure, environmental, field services, and facilities engineering. We design safe roads that keep traffic moving; efficient water and wastewater treatment plants that meet the community’s needs; innovative and energy-efficient buildings where people work and meet; well-designed airports; and much more.

At Olsson, our high-quality solutions are infused with the latest technological advances, so your projects are built to last.

We work hard to build the trust of community leaders by meeting deadlines, and budget requirements.