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We make sure failure is not an option. Keeping critical facilities operational 24/7.


Patrick McFarlin

Fort Worth, Texas


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Olsson’s mission critical work focuses on data centers that have highly redundant, highly sophisticated building systems. These facilities simply can’t fail because the work they’re doing is critical to our client’s business operations.

Our experience includes work with Fortune 500 companies and government clients. We want to maintain a high level of control over quality, cost, and the delivery speed of our services so we keep the services required to design data centers in house. We’re able to produce a higher quality design more quickly and efficiently, reducing the time to market. 

When designing a mission critical facility, we look at risks including flight patterns of local airports, tornado susceptible areas, and nearby rail. And we identify and address potential worse-case scenarios, so our clients don’t have to. We go above and beyond to solve whatever challenges may arise to keep the data center operational and fully functional.

We work with clients to select the best structural, mechanical, and electrical systems for their project. Our systems and software help us design hardened structures, redundant and serviceable electrical systems, and predictive performance of cooling systems using our computational fluid dynamics analysis software.

We also help our clients solve problems in the field during construction and assist them with construction engineering, arc flash hazard analysis, commissioning, quality assurance / quality control, BIM, document control, and construction administration.

We have a proven track record of success within a creative and innovative environment, and our understanding of the upfront cost, as well as long-term operating costs and return on investment, will help prioritize decision-making related to the facility.